Your website is your face to the world and a vital link between your business or organisation and your customers and clients. It may be the first interaction customers have with you, so it must be professional, easy to navigate, and informative.

We specialize in developing simple, elegant websites that are user friendly encompasing industry standards of excellence in design and programming.

Building your own website will require three things:-

  1. ) Domain name - Registration (renewable annually or bi-annually)
  2. ) Web hosting Account
  3. ) Creative design of the website layout, pages and navigation modules.

If you don't have the first two (domain & hosting)- just let us know and we will help you.

Most customers direct us to some website and ask: "Can you build for me something like this?" Of course we can.

However, we would rather create for you something unique that reflects your company. We would like someone to show your new website to a designer and ask: "Can you build me something like this?"

How to start your Website Project

  • Every website design project begins with filling out a 'project requirements specifications worksheet' to determine your website needs.
  • Within 2 Days after this consultation, we send you an estimate proposal of the time and cost to complete your website project.
  • You will receive regular progress updates throughout your project - which we do online hence giving you a chance, through a temporary dedicated link, to follow up progress anytime.
  • Your feedback will be incorporated into the design and functionality of your website, ensuring your satisfaction with the final product that will meet your bottom line.

Commercial Business Solution website is a multiple-page site, with numerous online features including payment platforms, Video, instant CHAT & Social link features etc.

Price Guide.

A 70% deposit is required before starting your project and the 30% balance is due upon completion of the project prior to launch of the website or delivery of files.

The minimum project price for the most basic of website is USD $ 280

Our Location

Mombasa Head office:  

4th Floor, Electricity House, Nkrumah Road - Mombasa

Call : (+254) 724 584700 /  772 719531 / 733 570136